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Personal Brand PR, Digital Marketing and Event Management for Champions and their Charities
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Build your legacy brand

Your personal brand is the only brand that extends beyond your pro career.


Spotlight Your Charity

Get professional promotion and marketing for the causes you care about.

Amplify Your Impact

Extend the reach of your personal brand beyond the sports arena.


Create Buzz

Marketing and brand management that keeps you and your cause top of mind.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Professional Athletes are the champions we look up to. We want to help you with a strategy for what’s next.

The current statistics:

Percentage of Athletes Bankrupt within 5 years

Average NFL Professional Career (in years)

X Rate of Poverty for Ex-NFL Pros (*compared to men with some college)


Through discovery, ideation, and an implementation strategy we develop a personal brand strategy for you and your philanthropic work.

Digital Marketing

From brand story creation through website design, marketing funnels, and social media management, you and your charity will have a voice in the marketplace.

PR and Event management

Events bring attention to you and the causes you care about. Ongoing PR and professional event management give you an edge.

What makes Limitless impact different?

As a professional athlete, you know the discipline and demands of performing at the highest level. You have made it to the top of the sports game and have the opportunity to make an impact and to create a legacy few can imagine.

The problem is, you don’t have time to think about what happens next.


Your personal brand is the only brand that lives beyond your professional career

As personal brand managers with 30 years in the digital marketing and event planning industries, we understand the need for protecting your unique brand.

We have worked with high net worth individuals and professional athletes to help them develop and magnify their brands and their philanthropic causes.

Limitless Impact offers the strategy, plan, and execution for athletes who are looking beyond their current pro careers to creating a legacy.

Your agent is working hard to take care of the NOW. We take care of the NEXT.

We work with professional athletes only and by invitation. If you are ready to explore the exclusive options for your personal brand, taking the next step is easy:

1. Schedule a meeting

2. Jessica and Teri will meet with you in person to discuss your goals and your current branding and marketing

3. We develop a custom offering and execution plan to amplify your personal brand

It’s time to think about what’s next without distraction and anxiety. What happens if your pro career is cut short? Will your charity be forgotten only a few short years after you leave the spotlight?

Build your legacy brand with Limitless Impact. We’re here to help.

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Your personal brand and important charity will gain legacy status.

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